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Do participants have to be at every practice?

No, while we hope you come to all of the practices, we understand there are conflicts in the summer.


Does my child need to participate in meets?

No, participation in meets is optional.


Does my child need to go to every meet?

No, they can choose which meets they would like to compete in. WilCo Track will register participants the Tuesday before each meet unless the meet requires registration a week in advance. If individuals want to try and qualify for AAU or USATF Junior Olympics, they will need to attend the district and regional qualifiers.


Do I need to purchase a uniform? 

The club will provide a WilCo Track team tank top and shorts for all meet participants. The uniforms must be returned at the end of the season, or you will pay $50. Athletes can wear their black shorts or spandex shorts if they prefer. 


Do I need spikes? 

We highly recommend them if you want to compete in running events. There are different kinds of spikes (sprinter, mid or long distance) and different length spikes. Talk to your coach or FLEET FEET for recommendations.


Does my child need to do both the AAU and USATF meets?

If your child is interested in trying to qualify for AAU Junior Olympics (Houston, TX ) or USATF Junior Olympics (Jacksonville, FL) they will need to pick either the AAU or USATF qualification route. The meet schedule is posted HERE. The District Meets are held around Nashville. Regionals are held in Knoxville, Chattanooga, or Alabama. You can technically try to qualify for both and then choose, but that may keep you busy! Coaches are planning to attend the AAU District and Regional Meets. 


If participating in any AAU or USATF sanctioned meet you will need to get a yearly membership (about $14-$20). Please email your membership number to Our coaches will need the membership number for meet registration. 


AAU member yearly registration:


USATF member yearly registration: